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SOL PA501 Fully Interoperate with AT&T FirstNet Network

June 22 , 2022

Enhance Emergency Situational Awareness and Seamless Communication

RuggON’s 10" rugged Android tablet SOL PA501 is now FirstNet® Certified™ to help workers in the front lines improving public safety responses. Especially when the emergency strikes, the frontline agency needs to coordinate in real-time, and with the dedicated communications band which would ensure that first responders and critical infrastructure providers can communicate seamlessly and obtained first hand information to keep highly situational awareness.

SOL PA501 Fully Interoperate with AT&T FirstNet Network

The priority of public safety is to keep first responders and communities safe!
Priority and pre-emption are two major features of FirstNet that give public safety communications priority access to voice, data, and video communication when commercial networks are congested. Priority puts first responders at the front of the lane, giving first responders access to all the lanes during the mission critical.

Public Safety Ready Dedicated FirstNet Band 14

Band 14 is the dedicated frequency spectrum for public safety in the 700 MHz band with several key advantages, including better penetration through buildings as well as increased coverage in rural areas. Band 14 is designed to be reliable, functional, safe and secure, and provides optimal levels of operational capability at all times.

Enabling Cooperation During Emergency Response

With the FirstNet Certified, PA501 enables interoperability between different organizations, to ensure communications with all frontline agencies on scene in the event of an emergency.

Enhancing Fleet Utilization and Operational Efficiency

RuggON SOL PA501 with FirstNet® powerful wireless network provides a highly reliable vehicle connection to help control center tracking the fleet and improving efficiency for idling vehicles. To identify key metrics such as miles traveled and hours of use, to establish a baseline and determine qualifications for to improve utilization. Streamline asset tracking to better manage inventory and track in-vehicle equipment such as vehicle computer.
RuggON SOL PA501 is rugged and powerful 10-inch Android 11 tablet, especially built for public safety workers and field applications such as utility and fleet management. Full-featured, ultra-durable battery life, supports barcode scanning, RFID, NFC, GNSS positioning and with rich accessories.