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RuggON Forms a Solid Partnership with OGS Europe B.V.

February 05 , 2021

RuggON has been partnering with a new authorized service partner to provide testing and repair services for the European region. 
Through such joint efforts, RuggON is confident of delivering quality after-sale services in the most efficient and reliable manner, should any product issues occur for customers based in the European region, and will continue to innovate for the ever-changing industrial environments.
RuggON values quality and satisfaction in every relationship it develops, and is always committed to serving customers with continued innovation and excellence.


About OGS Europe B.V.
Located in the Netherlands, the company is dedicated to computer manufacturing with attention to local after-sale services. 
About RuggON
Located in Taiwan, the company is committed to designing and manufacturing rugged computing solutions with attention to detailed customization requirements.