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RuggON VULCAN X joins the Navis Ready fleet

February 04 , 2021

RuggON, the leading rugged solution manufacturer in Taiwan, has added its rugged vehicle mount computer VULCAN X to the repertoire of its Navis compatible rugged computing solutions. Freshly launched in September 2020, the vehicle mount is dedicated to addressing the acute communication needs for a semi- or fully automated port that can tremendously benefit from the real-time quay-yard insight promulgated within Navis N4 terminal operating system. 


Professionally Perfect
Powered by Intel® Core™ i5, the rugged mount accommodates Windows 10 IoT enterprise for future-proof security and migration. Certified to IP66 and MIL-STD-810 H, VULCAN X can stand durably in the face of any challenging environment no matter foggy frost, stormy weather, or saline erosion. Sensitive to any power input ranging from 9 to 60 VDC, VULCAN X can be easily operable on any equipment around the clock.


Communicatively Connected
Supporting a full range of communication technologies including Bluetooth V5.0 and optional GPS, VULCAN X is further compatible with Wi-Fi fast roaming to decrease the likelihood of in-field network dropouts for better quality of service (QoS). Pivoting vehicle data communication with optional CAN bus 2.0B or SAE J1939 standard, VULCAN X can also work in par with auxiliary RFID scanner to deliver zero operation downtime.


Smartly Smart
The rugged mount’s robust metal connectors protect its I/O interfaces and ensure reliable and secure operation even under the most severe conditions. With the new modular design, rotating I/O ports for easy installation and proactive damage prevention is no longer unattainable. For a smarter, safer, and more efficient workflow, VULCAN X can be simply controlled through intuitive DashON software while centralized timely update/upgrade can also be seamlessly achieved through RuggOTA down the road.


About Navis Ready
The Navis Ready partner program is open to all vendors that provide different technologies to suit the needs of a marine container terminal operating environment. The program tests a vendor’s hardware and specific messages to ensure that they work perfectly with specific versions of the N4 TOS in an integration environment. With Navis Ready validation, terminal customers can confidently choose RuggON’s solution knowing that it has been tested and proved to be efficient, reliable and deliver great results. Navis’ N4 is the industry standard for terminal operators who need a system to boost their operation efficiency.


About RuggON
With decades of rugged mobile solution expertise, RuggON strives to improve productivity in harsh environments. Our dedicated engineering team is missioned to deliver devices with exceptional value & quality and to improve user experience. We are keen to understand the different demands in each unique industry and provide application oriented & tailored solutions that are most efficient and effective. Here at RuggON, we commit ourselves to achieving higher standards and meeting customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing endless possibilities today to meet tomorrow's demand.